What Does Airbnb Plus Entail? Reasons to Contemplate It for Your Travel Plans

There’s no denying that Airbnb has revolutionized the rental landscape, shaping a preference for character-rich living spaces over conventional hotel rooms. Embracing this shift in taste, Airbnb introduced Airbnb Plus – an elevated selection of homes designed to enhance travelers’ experiences.

Understanding Airbnb Plus: A Blend of Sophistication

Launched in 2018, Airbnb Plus raises the bar for traveler accommodations. These rentals undergo in-person vetting by third-party inspectors, ensuring a top-notch living experience. Hosts aiming for Airbnb Plus status must meet specific eligibility criteria, including a minimum 4.8 rating for the past year, minimal reservation cancellations, and a 95% booking acceptance rate.

Once a property qualifies, a professional photographer captures its essence for exclusive listing on Airbnb. Plus listings enjoy exclusivity, committing hosts to refrain from listing on other platforms. In return, hosts gain access to Airbnb Plus support, dedicated to serving Plus customers.

Distinguishing Airbnb Plus from Regular Airbnb Listings

The primary contrast between a standard Airbnb property and an Airbnb Plus lies in the third-party vetting that Plus properties undergo, emphasizing elevated living standards. While regular Airbnbs offer varied accommodations, Plus certification isn’t universally available.

It’s crucial to note that Plus certification doesn’t guarantee superior accommodation, as excellent Airbnb homes exist without Plus status. However, the certification provides peace of mind, indicating that listings have undergone in-person vetting.

Differentiating Airbnb Plus from Superhost Status

Unlike Superhost status, which is automatically granted after completing 10 stays or three reservations totaling 100 nights, Airbnb Plus status requires an application. Superhosts need to maintain a 90% response rate and a 4.8% rating by each quarter’s end.

Vetting Criteria for Airbnb Plus Listings

Airbnb Plus listings undergo vetting based on three key criteria: comfort, style, and hospitality. The interior design must meet high standards, promoting a cohesive, clutter-free, and uniquely styled living space. Plus homes must provide essential amenities, maintain cleanliness, and ensure smooth self-check-in with a lockbox or door code.

Demystifying the Cost of Airbnb Plus

Contrary to common belief, Airbnb Plus listings aren’t inherently expensive. Hosts strive to stand out by offering stylish, comfortable, and well-managed accommodations at competitive prices. Choosing an Airbnb Plus rental doesn’t necessarily mean opting for luxury; it’s about securing a stylish and comfortable stay managed by competent hosts.

Conclusion: A Stylish Retreat with Airbnb Plus

For travelers seeking a blend of style and comfort, an Airbnb Plus home promises a highly enjoyable experience. Whether exploring the vibrant scene of Airbnb management in London or embracing the charm of Airbnb management in Paris, consider Airbnb Plus for an elevated stay that encapsulates both style and substance.

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