Heart-Pounding Excitement: Must-See Thriller Movies That Keep You Guessing

Distinguishing between the horror and thriller genres in cinema can be challenging, as they often share a common pulse of tension, punctuated with moments of terror or violence. Thrillers excel in building suspense, frequently encompassing subcategories like man-on-the-run, man-on-the-hunt, and enigmatic mysteries. These films offer excitement and stimulation without delving into extreme fear, focusing on creating suspense and engaging the audience.

The thriller genre boasts a rich tapestry of subgenres that interweave with action, horror, and science fiction, promising viewers a diverse range of experiences. But for those outside Hulu’s geographic boundaries, a dependable Hulu VPN and connection to a US server can unlock access to these thrilling cinematic gems.

#1. How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2022)

In Long Beach, California, Xochitl and her friend Theo, affected by climate change and pollution, hatch a radical environmental plan. Theo’s terminal cancer adds urgency. They recruit a diverse team, including Dwayne, who lost his land to an oil company, explosives expert Michael, and adventurous couple Rowan and Logan.

Their mission: to sabotage an oil pipeline on Dwayne’s seized land, hoping to disrupt global oil prices. They face challenges, from accidents to surveillance. Rowan, an FBI informant, secretly aids their escape.

After the successful explosion, Xochitl and Theo surrender, accepting lengthy prison sentences. Theo dies soon after. The others remain free, but suspicions and surveillance linger. In a twist, a new trio inspired by their actions targets a Miami yacht with another manifesto.

The story explores environmental activism, personal sacrifice, and the ripple effects of radical actions in a world grappling with the climate crisis.

#2. God’s Country (2022)

Sandra, a former New Orleans police officer, relocates to a remote, cold part of Montana after her mother’s death, becoming a university professor. Her solitude amidst the harsh Montana landscape is disrupted when two hunters trespass on her property. The tension escalates as Sandra, a black woman in a predominantly white town, grapples with her justified paranoia.

The hunters, Nathan and Samuel, harass Sandra, leading to dangerous confrontations. The town’s deputy, Wolf, dismisses her concerns, but she persists. Sandra’s skillful communication de-escalates a potentially violent encounter with a group of masked men, revealing a disturbing undercurrent of racism in the town.

Sandra’s quest for justice unveils the town’s pervasive bigotry, including her colleague Arthur’s sexual misconduct and the inherent inequities. Sandra’s isolation intensifies as she confronts the town’s dark underbelly, where resistance comes at a high cost.

“God’s Country” skillfully addresses issues of racism, misogyny, and intolerance within the backdrop of a tense battle between Sandra and the trespassers. Thandiwe Newton’s nuanced performance captures Sandra’s grief, anger, and resilience. The film’s atmospheric cinematography and score contribute to the sense of impending dread, set against a vast, wintry landscape.

Julian Higgins adeptly adapts the original story, using the conflict between Sandra and the trespassers to explore broader societal issues. The film provides a thought-provoking commentary on the challenges of confronting prejudice in an ostensibly welcoming society.

#3. Mother!

In a desolate house, Him, a blocked poet, places a crystal object on a pedestal, transforming the house into an idyllic home. His wife, Mother, awakens, searching for Him. They receive unexpected guests, Man and Woman, the former being a dying fan of Him. When their crystal object is shattered, tensions rise. The arrival of Man and Woman’s sons further disrupts the household.

Amid a chaotic family feud, the eldest son flees after a violent confrontation, leaving the younger son critically wounded. Him, Man, and Woman rush the injured boy to the hospital, while Mother discovers disturbing signs of damage in the house, including a hidden tank of heating oil. When the visitors return to mourn, they disregard Mother’s wishes and her pleas to leave.

As time passes, Mother becomes pregnant, inspiring Him to write once more. His work gains acclaim, and fans flood the house. Despite Mother’s pleas, Him allows the chaos to continue. Mass executions and violence erupt, overshadowing Mother’s labor. After giving birth, Him takes the baby to the adoring crowd, leading to the child’s accidental death and gruesome consumption.

Enraged, Mother ignites an explosion, obliterating the house and crowd. While Him remains unharmed, Mother is horribly burned. Him extracts her heart, revealing a crystal object, and restores the house. A new Mother awakens, seeking Him.

This surreal narrative explores the destructive nature of blind devotion and fame, climaxing in a devastating and symbolic conclusion where Mother’s heart is replaced with a crystal, and the cycle begins anew.

#4. The Departed (2006)

In 1980s South Boston, Colin Sullivan is groomed by Irish Mob boss Frank Costello to infiltrate the Massachusetts State Police (MSP). He becomes a rising star within the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), where they’re building a case against Costello. Simultaneously, Billy Costigan, with family ties to organized crime, is recruited to go undercover and infiltrate Costello’s crew. Costigan’s emotional turmoil and dangerous work strain him.

Costigan’s identity is known only to SIU Captain Queenan and Staff Sergeant Dignam. As he commits crimes to gain Costello’s trust, Sullivan aids him by tipping off Costello. The police sting fails, exposing a mole within their ranks. Costigan learns Costello is an FBI informant, shared with Queenan and Dignam.

During a confrontation at an adult theater, Sullivan mistakenly stabs a worker while being pursued. When Queenan is killed and Dignam suspended, Costigan calls off the operation. Queenan’s death infuriates Dignam, leading to his suspension, and Costigan escapes. Sullivan investigates Queenan’s belongings and discovers Costello’s FBI informant status.

A violent confrontation at a drug drop-off results in Sullivan killing Costello. Costigan confronts Sullivan, unaware of his true identity, but eventually discovers the truth. Sullivan erases Costigan’s records and has an encounter with Trooper Brown, who calls Trooper Barrigan. Brown and Costigan are killed by Barrigan, who reveals himself as another mole. Sullivan arrives home, only to be fatally shot by Dignam. The film ends with a rat, symbolizing the pervasive infiltration and betrayal, running across a balcony.

#5. The Wave (2015)

Geologist Kristian Eikjord is on the verge of leaving the picturesque Norwegian town of Geiranger with his family. As he awaits the ferry with his wife Idun and their children Sondre and Julia, he receives a startling alert from the mountain’s sensors, indicating a dramatic drop in groundwater. Rushing back to the geology center, Kristian discovers damaged sensor wires caused by shifts within the mountain.

Kristian’s former boss, Arvid, acknowledges the danger but hesitates to evacuate due to the ongoing tourist season. The family is separated when Julia wants to bid farewell to their home, while Sondre heads to the hotel’s basement to skateboard.

As the mountain’s readings confirm an impending avalanche, Kristian orders a rushed evacuation. However, a massive rockslide crashes into the fjord, triggering a colossal tsunami headed for Geiranger. Idun and the guests at the hotel scramble to evacuate, with Sondre missing. Kristian and Julia navigate the chaos and attempt to reach higher ground.

Despite encountering obstacles and tragedy along the way, Kristian finally reunites with his family. They narrowly escape the impending disaster at Ørnesvingen. The film concludes by emphasising the likelihood of such events occurring in the future, with their exact timing remaining uncertain.


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