Why the Material of Your Bong Is so Important

The material a bong is made from is an important aspect when you choose a bong, because a direct impact on the experience of taking a draw, as well as on the quality of the bong and its durability. It is something to talk about with professionals in the bong shop when you head in. Often the image in someone’s head when they think about a bong is that of a glass bong, but there are other choices like acrylic, ceramic and silicone, though glass is the most popular.

More about glass bongs

Skilled glassblowers can create all kinds of shapes and those choices change not just the appearance but also how it functions. It has become something of an art form and you can get complicated and hugely expensive bongs as well as fun things like giraffes and hearts. While some glass is more fragile, some are a lot stronger. For example, borosilicate glass also known as scientific glass is a great choice for bongs as it is tougher and can handle extreme temperatures. Glass is preferred by many because the hit you take from it is not contaminated by the material, and it remains clean and smooth.Considering ceramic, silicone and acrylic bongs

You can get a bong technically made from any material, there are metal and bamboo bongs as well as ceramic, acrylic and silicone. You can head to a shop and consider whether you prefer a bong or a vaporizer NZ, though so some have both. 

Silicone is cheaper and shatterproof. They also make great transportable bongs as you can fold them up to transport them and put them in a dishwasher to clean them. They are also able to take both very low and high temperatures. However, most people find the material affects the quality of the hit and the taste when compared to glass. They tend to have less airflow as they are smaller so the hit is not as smooth. One way some compromise with that from a bong shop is to get a silicone bing but with a glass bowl.

Acrylic is even cheaper, it is a plastic material. It tends to be unbreakable but the hit is not usually pleasant. Think about what it tastes like to drink from a water bottle that has been left in the heat in a car. It does not taste good!

Ceramic is actually a very traditional option and the hit is neutral and usually smooth. They can be moulded into fun designs as well, just like glass bongs. Some choose not to use ceramic though because it is a lot heavier.


In general if you choose to get a bong instead of a vaporizer NZ you would be best with either a ceramic or glass option for a better experience and hit. If your main focus is on something that transports easily and less obviously a silicone bong would work. Most experienced users would not recommend using an acrylic bong even if it is cheap.


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