How to Use Data to Improve Your Online iGaming Experience?

The iGaming industry is one of the fastest-growing entertainment markets around. Online casinos are now generating billions of dollars every year. With the rise of gambling’s popularity, many newbies are joining online casino websites. These newcomers may be unfamiliar with how you can improve your gambling experience by using data.

How Data Can Help Gamblers

Data is just information that covers everything there is to know about a certain topic. In our case, we are talking about online gambling. This means when referring to “data” we are specifically talking about all the information surrounding online casinos and gambling practices. In this definition, we encompass:

  •       Player behavior
  •       Casino behavior
  •       Payout rates
  •       Payout speed
  •       Bonuses
  •       Game popularity

And so much more. But now that we’ve squared our definitions let us discuss how gamblers can use data to improve their gambling experience. At the end of this article, we will also briefly discuss what casinos can do to improve by analyzing data.

Find the Best Sites

By studying the data, we can come to certain conclusions about the sites where we play. Namely, how often do they payout, have they ever yet to deliver cash, and if so, what was the reason? How low, or how high are there minimum deposits? We might even find no minimum deposit casinos, which would benefit some players.

Players can easily find all the data they need by going over online casino reviews, customer complaints, and the website itself. In doing so, not only do you improve your own experiences at online casinos, but you also get to find better websites and better games. 

Find the Best Games

Data analysis can also help you find better games. One of the most coveted aspects of online casino games are the bonuses and promotional offers. However, not all bonuses are made even. By analyzing the data, we can look at which games offer the best bonuses and take advantage of those games.

Not only that, but we can look at player consistency when playing games. In other words, how many players return to a game after having tried it once? If a game receives many returning players, then it is likely that the game is better than those that don’t receive many returns.

Data is also helpful in helping players find games with the best payout percentages. Many studies cover various casino games’ RTP, house edge, and payout. The data they’ve found is instrumental in deciding which games players should try out.

For example, did you know that blackjack has the best RTP out of any casino game? Not only that but by using certain strategies, a player can quickly boost their chances of victory. As you can see, math can be quite fun when one uses it in the right conditions.

The Best Payment Methods

Online gamblers are very familiar with the concept of different withdrawal methods. The banking option we use sets the stage for the time we have to wait for our money to arrive. Using the latest research data, we can find out which payment methods are the safest, which are the fastest, and which demand the least hefty fees.

Of course, all the payment methods available have ups and downs. However, by analyzing the data, you could quickly determine which option is the best for you and your gameplay style. That being said, we recommend looking into the following four, as they are, by far, the most popular options:

  •       Credit and Debit Cards
  •       E-wallets
  •       Cryptocurrency
  •       Wire Transfers

Though cryptocurrency is a relatively recent addition to online gambling, it has gained much attention. Despite the volatility that crypto gamblers have to deal with, the method is still one of the most popular in iGaming today.

How Online Casinos Use Data

Online casinos can also take advantage of data analysis and create a better and more vibrant industry. They can do this by marketing specific games to certain people. We all know the power of Instagram and how valuable social media marketing can be. Online gambling sites know it, too, so they do their best to have a presence on the market.

They can also create a tailor-made list of games that appeal to specific people. All of these lists can be unique and fit the playstyle and interests of the players they were meant for. Certainly, this would go a long way into creating a much more engaging and vibrant industry.


What are the most popular online gambling payment methods?

Credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency are some popular ways people transact online.

How can data analysis help me find better games?

By analyzing which games are the most popular and played, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and go directly to the most popular games on the market.

Can online casinos use data to improve the industry?

Indeed, they can use data analysis to market better games and create curated game lists for specific players.

What is online casino data based on?

Online casino data is based on everything, from player behavior to the game’s payout rate.

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