How to load MKV/MP4 files in AviUtl?

AviUtl is an excellent video editing software with users around the world. However, online you may find voices saying things like “AviUtl can’t load videos” or “I’m having trouble loading MKV files in AviUtl.” By default, AviUtl can only load basic files like AVI.

How to Increase the Supported File Extensions in AviUtl

You can easily handle file extensions other than MKV/MP4 by editing the exedit.ini file. Similar to when adding MKV, you just need to add the desired extension to the exedit.ini file to make AviUtl recognize it. When adding, make sure to follow the format “.○○=video file” or “.○○=audio file.” Be cautious because the way to add entries differs between video and audio files. If you want to add an image file, use the format “.○○=image file,” and replace ○○ with the name of the extension you want to add.

Troubleshooting When AviUtl Can’t Load Video Files

When facing issues with loading videos in AviUtl, such as being unable to load MKV or MP4 files, or encountering errors like “file not supported,” “drag and drop not working,” or “failed to load the file,” here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check exedit.ini: Verify the exedit.ini file as incorrect entries may prevent loading. Ensure correct entries like “.○○=video file” or “.○○=audio file” are added. Pay attention to using half-width characters.
  2. Rename the video file: Changing the file name might resolve issues. Avoid special characters like emojis, and use basic alphanumeric characters without spaces.
  3. Try alternative loading methods: Instead of drag and drop, use the “Media Object” option to add video files to the timeline.
  4. Install the required codecs: Make sure the codecs used in the video files are installed on your computer. Different codecs are used in various video files.
  5. Install L-SMASH Works: L-SMASH Works is a plugin that enables AviUtl to handle various video files. Follow the instructions for installation, including adjusting plugin priorities.
  6. Adjust L-SMASH Works settings: If issues persist, modify settings in L-SMASH Works through AviUtl’s environment settings. Experiment with different configurations, such as unchecking “Livav+L-SMASH.”
  7. Change input plugin priority: Modify input plugin priorities in the environment settings. Place “L-SMASH Works File Reader” at the top for higher compatibility.
  8. Try DirectShow File Reader: If problems persist, consider installing DirectShow File Reader and setting it as the highest priority in input plugin settings.
  9. Disable scaling: Disable scaling in AviUtl’s compatibility settings, as scaling issues might affect loading multiple videos.
  10. Convert MKV to another format: If all else fails, convert MKV files to a more compatible format like MP4 using tools such as DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Converter Features:

  • High compatibility with various formats
  • Free access to most features videobyte
  • Powerful conversion and editing capabilities for video, image, and audio
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and professionals alike
  • Windows compatibility (Mac compatibility through DVDFab All-In-One)

DVDFab Video Converter Instructions:

  1. Download and launch DVDFab エロ ダウンローダー.
  2. Click “Convert” and add the MKV file.
  3. Choose the output format as “Format > Video > MP4.”
  4. Customize settings if needed and click “Start.”

These troubleshooting steps and the use of DVDFab Video Converter should help resolve issues related to AviUtl not loading certain video files.

Let’s Edit MKV Files Using AviUtl!

AviUtl is a powerful and free video editing software. By default, it doesn’t support MKV files, but with proper configuration, you can make it compatible with various file extensions. One of its appealing features is the availability of numerous plugins that allow you to customize and enhance its functionality according to your preferences, making it user-friendly. After configuring AviUtl to support MKV files, feel free to make the most of its capabilities for video editing.

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