Exploring the technology behind online casinos

Online casinos have gone from a minor curiosity to a major player in the gambling world in the last two decades. They are now one of the most successful sectors in the gaming industry and show no sign of decreasing in popularity anytime soon. The increase in digital entertainment, such as streaming services, has played some part in this success but doesn’t fully explain it.

Online casinos are popular with players for many reasons. They offer more game options than traditional land-based casinos, are more easily accessible and their games can be played from anywhere. Online casinos also offer a lot of bonuses and promotions to make things even more appealing for players. The no deposit bonus Canada based casinos can offer are a major draw. These online casinos in Canada and elsewhere also offer bonuses that include free spins and deposit matching.

Another reason for their popularity is the fact that they’ve embraced leading technologies. Players today enjoy playing games that employ cutting-edge technologies that don’t suffer from problems like lag or buffering issues. In this article, we’ll look at some of the technologies behind online casinos that help make them so popular.

Live casino games

Live casino games are one of the biggest selling points for online casinos with players who love the full casino experience. Live casino games replicate what it’s like to be playing at a casino as they have a real dealer who is in charge of the game that the player can interact with. The most popular live casino games are poker, roulette and blackjack.

In order to work, live casino games rely on a combination of software and hardware solutions. optical character recognition (OCR) software translates the cards from images caught by the camera into images on the player’s screen that they can interact with. It’s the same software that turns a scanned document into a PDF you can interact with, just a more advanced version.

Alongside the OCR software, live casino games need a multi-camera system to capture both the dealer and the cards. This system needs to be able to stream in sync without any lag so that all the players can respond to the cards in real time. Lastly, live casino games also need a monitor to transmit the player actions to the dealer so that they can respond appropriately.

It’s an impressive system. It will only be improved when augmented reality technology progresses a bit further so you can really walk up to the table and “hold” the cards in your hand.


We tend to overlook them because we need to use the internet so much in our daily lives, but there are a lot of security risks involved with putting our personal information online. Personal information and bank data are particularly common targets for hackers and phishing scams. Websites that contain a lot of that information are often under attack.

Online casinos employ top-level security software in order to protect their customers and to ensure that their data is safe. All the leading online casinos use 128-bit SSL encryption software for this purpose. This encryption software protects the data on each part of its journey — when it’s transmitted and when it’s received on the other end. This type of encryption software is almost impossible to hack through brute force hacking.

If you’re ever unsure if an online casino site is fully protected by encryption software, there’s an easy way to check. Look for the small lock icon in the address bar, this indicates that the site is secure.


Crypto casinos are one of the rising sectors of the online casino market. These casinos let users make their deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies that include major coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and even some minor ones like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Tether and Ripple. The dedicated wallets for each coin help to ensure you can keep your crypto investments safe while still being useable.

Alongside letting users make payments in cryptocurrencies, crypto casinos use blockchain technology so that users can have all those same benefits as part of their casino experience. The appeal of the blockchain is its security and anonymity. 

The blockchain acts as a ledger, recording all transactions and movements. Unlike regular online casinos, crypto casinos use the blockchain to verify users’ identities so there is no need to provide personal information. This makes them ideal for people who prefer the extra level of security and privacy that blockchain can provide.

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