Discovering the Best of the Philippines: 5 Must-Do Activities

The Philippines has lots of beautiful destinations for tourists as well as locals. It offers many activities that anyone would enjoy, whether on land, mountains, or beaches. These activities can cater to different people’s interests and preferences, especially those looking for various adventures.

Now, let’s go over the list of some must-do activities in the Philippines:

Food Tripping

Of course, first on our list is to try the delicious cuisines in the Philippines. Indeed, everyone likes to explore the variety of food available in a particular country, and it is undeniable that the Philippines has delicious cuisines. 

Remember to look for popular Filipino dishes such as adobo and sinigang. You can also look for iconic Filipino food called lechon (roasted suckling pig). We suggest checking out local markets and eateries for a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine. 

Island Hopping

The Philippines is known for its stunning islands. Therefore, island hopping is a must-do activity in the Philippines. The popular destination for island hopping is Palawan, where tourists usually go to El Nido or Coron. These islands allow you to discover secret lagoons and snorkel in vibrant coral reefs. 

Further, one of the 7 Wonders of the World is in Palawan, the Underground River in Puerto Princesa.

Whale Watching

Another must-try activity in the Philippines is to witness the majestic whale shark “Butanding,” the largest fish in the world. Head to Oslob, Donsol, or Bohol to watch and swim alongside the Butanding. This once-in-a-lifetime activity will indeed mark a memorable experience in the Philippines. Just look for a tour that provides this activity to interact with these gentle giants.


The Philippines is also known as a surfing paradise because it has beaches with great waves. You can visit popular surfing destinations like Siargao, Baler, and La Union to catch the waves and enjoy the laid-back surf culture. Sip coffee in a nearby café after a long day at the waves with just your phone and maybe some fun games such as online baccarat to cap off your day. 

Don’t worry because even if you’re a beginner, kind Filipino instructors are more than willing to assist you in starting your surfing adventure.

Cultural Immersion

Of course, immersing yourself in the rich culture of the Philippines is another must-do activity when you go to the Philippines. There are historic sites within the country, like Intramuros, Vigan, and Las Casas Filipinas, where you can witness the history of the Philippines. 

Further, there are tons of festivals within the Philippines that you can consider when booking your trip to the country, such as Ati-atihan in Kalibo, Panagbenga in Baguio, Kadayawan in Davao, and the most popular Sinulog in Cebu.

Wrapping Up

The Philippines is a country with diverse activities that you can engage in. You can indulge in its traditional cuisine, go island hopping, or even whale watching. Further, you can also try different action-packed activities like surfing. But of course, don’t forget to immerse in their culture to know more about the Philippines.

So consider our list to discover the best of the Philippines. We ensure these activities will provide you with a fun-filled adventure in the country.

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