Ms. Rachel Griffin’s Astrology Birth Chart Revealed

Ms. Rachel Griffin is a famous YouTuber born under the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are always seeking freedom and are very humanitarian in their thinking. But there’s more to a person than just their sun sign.

What really drives her on the inside? What strengths and weaknesses shape who she is? Well, that’s where looking at her actual birth chart comes in handy. See, the birth chart shows way more than the sun sign; it gives insight into someone’s true personality behind the scenes

Sun In Sagittarius

She was born with the sun in adventurous Sagittarius, so she has an insatiable wanderlust and curiosity about the world. Life for her is one big adventure, whether traveling to exotic places or exploring new ideas and subjects that pique her interest. She values freedom and independence and hates being tied down or confined in any way.

Routine bores her, so she’s always on the lookout for new, exciting experiences that feed her soul. An eternal student, her mind is open and eager to learn. Teaching and sharing knowledge with others is also important to her.

Optimistic and idealistic, she maintains a positive outlook and faith that things will work out. She appreciates honesty and forthrightness in herself and others. Flexibility and adaptability are her strengths.

Moon In Taurus

With her moon sign in Taurus, Ms. Rachel is likely steadfast, practical and enjoys material comforts. She values stability and security. Her emotions are deep but slow to change. Once she cares for someone or something, her loyalty is steadfast. Material possessions and physical touch are soothing for her.

Simplicity and tranquility appeal to her senses. She appreciates natural beauty and prefers comfortable, cozy environments. While change can be difficult, her tenacity and patience serve her well in seeing things through to completion.

Mercury In Sagittarius

With Mercury in the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius, Miss Rachel likely has an optimistic outlook and thirst for knowledge. Her mind craves adventure, travel, and new experiences.

She’s probably an engaging conversationalist with a fun, playful communication style. Philosophy, religion, and culture are areas of interest. She asks lots of questions about life’s big topics.

Sometimes, she speaks without thinking due to her enthusiasm. She may promise more than she can deliver. Versatile and open-minded, she can see many sides of an issue. But she prefers not to be bogged down by too many rules or routines, since she was born during Mercury retrograde (when the planet appeared to be traveling backward in the night sky.)

Freedom of thought and independence are important to her mental well-being. As long as she avoids recklessness, her Sagittarian Mercury will keep life exciting and help her gain wisdom through a broad range of experiences.

Venus In Sagittarius

With Venus in adventurous Sagittarius, Ms. Rachel likely values freedom, independence and spontaneity in her close relationships. She probably seeks a partner who gives her space and the independence to pursue her own interests. Routine and restriction are turn-offs for her, so she prefers a spontaneous romance filled with adventure, travel and new experiences together.

Miss Rachel may find it difficult to commit to relationships that feel dull or limiting. She’s attracted to lovers who share her thirst for excitement and open-mindedness. While commitment may not come easily, once she finds a like-minded partner, she can be very devoted and generous in love.

Juno In Sagittarius

Juno represents committed partnerships and relationships, so in Sagittarius, it seeks wisdom, truth, and a broader perspective on love. With Juno in Sagittarius, she may want relationships that help her learn and grow as a person. She values intellectual compatibility and a partner who can expand your horizons.

Juno in Sagittarius seeks a partner who shares similar ideals, morals, and principles. She wants a relationship built on a foundation of shared ethics, goals, and long-term visions.

Mars In Capricorn

With Mars in Capricorn, she has a determined and hardworking spirit. She pursues her goals and ambitions with perseverance and dedication. Once she sets her mind on something, nothing will distract her or get in her way. She thrives on challenge and accomplishment.

Her ambition and work ethic are admirable. However, she should be careful not to become rigid or overly critical in her thinking. Learn to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures too. Develop compassion for those less capable or ambitious than herrself. Her greatest growth will come through balancing her practicality and vision.

Jupiter In Scorpio

As an ambitious Scorpio, Ms. Rachel likely aims high in her career and personal life. With Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, also in Scorpio, she probably has a gift for attracting opportunities and manifesting her desires. However, she must be mindful not to become obsessive or go to extremes in pursuing her goals. Moderation and balance will serve her well.

Saturn In Scorpio

As Saturn transits Scorpio in her natal chart, she’s likely gained more self-discipline and emotional depth. Saturn’s passage through intense Scorpio has helped her face deep-seated fears and strengthen her ability to perceive life’s deeper truths. She may have ended unhealthy relationships and learned to establish better boundaries. Saturn’s lesson here is to embrace passion and intimacy in a balanced, moderate way.

Pluto In Libra

With Pluto in Libra, she was born during a time when relationships and partnerships were being transformed. Pluto spends a long time in each sign, so its effects are generational. For her, this means she’s part of a generation focused on equality, fairness, and balance in relationships.

Compromise comes easily to her, and she seeks mutually supportive partnerships. However, Pluto also brings intensity, and she may struggle with issues of codependence or power struggles at times. Learning how to maintain her own identity within relationships is an important life lesson for her generation.

She’s also interested in justice and human rights. Making a positive difference in the world by promoting fairness and equality motivates her. Law, politics, or activism are areas she may feel drawn to.

The Pluto in Libra generation is helping to revolutionize relationships and champion more democratic values. She plays an important role in creating a kinder, gentler society.

Bottom Line

So, what does Rachel’s birth chart tell us? With her Sun in Sagittarius, she’s likely to have an adventurous spirit and philosophical outlook. Her Moon in Taurus suggests she values stability and comfort. Venus in Capricorn points to a practical approach to relationships. Mercury in Sagittarius gives an open, curious mind.

Rachel’s chart reveals a fun-loving explorer who grounds herself through nature, relationships, and wisdom. The stars encourage following intuition and ideals while building security. Rachel, embrace all the possibilities and grow through understanding yourself and others!

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